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What are they and how many are there?

There are physical boundaries, emotional boundaries, spiritual, sexual, disability, silent, and relational limits. Because we have boundaries there are also boundary violations and limits. We must work through these.

Boundaries are the limits of our personal space. As we grow up in the homes we were born to, we learn about boundaries or not to have them. Our parents may have been very loving with hugs and kisses or they may have shown no affection, or only occasionally told you that you were important or loved. Either actions caused you to react and set beliefs about yourself.

Visible breaking of boundaries can be seen by everyone in the room, whether it be a classroom, home or office. Bullies are noticed.

When I was in school I had many experiences. One was in the 5th grade. The teacher threw chalk, erasers and gold balls at students who either didn’t answer correctly or were not paying attention. Luckily I was never hit, although I didn’t like the confusion of his breaking the physical boundaries of the male students. A lot of dodging, weaving and shouting were the norm in the classroom. Hard to concentrate!

In the 4th grade I had a teacher that came to the school from another city. She had been allowed to man-handle her students. She thought that was how to teach. One day I went to the bathroom and had to stay a little-longer than whiz and wash hands. She hunted me down on the playground, asking me why I had not been in the line at the appropriate time. Then she began hitting me on my back and neck in a closed fist. She thought she would leave no marks or bruises. I hadn’t done anything wrong. I couldn’t understand why she was punishing me in front of all the other children. I told my Mom as soon as I got home. The teacher didn’t hit me after that.

In the 1st grade I had an older teacher. Her idea was that everyone should be able to read when they entered first grade. My mother had not sent me to pre-school or Kindergarten - Neither had Donnie, my classroom neighbor had any preschool. We sat on the floor underneath the blackboard during reading time. She had us stand up in front of the class after reading and she switched us on the back of our calves with a yard stick. At six years old I had a hard time knowing why I was bad and being treated badly in front of the class. Luckily Donnie’s mother had time to spend with us after school and we learned to read and spell quite well.

Some children have the unfortunate placement in the family to be ignored rather than to be praised. If this was you, you know how hurtful that was. You yearned for those compliments and those opportunities to go to special places, like the zoo, with one or both of your parents. You may have been shuffled off to an Aunt, Uncle or grandparent instead of having the privilege of going with them. I call this the Silent boundary. You can’t say anything, nothing is fair, and you are supposed to be kind to your extended family members.

Another boundary breakage, under relational limits, is from the other siblings in your home. It is often physical but it can also be emotional. They say terrible things to you. They may hit, shove, trip, push, or lock you in the dark closet and hold the door shut. Their laughter does not seem humorous to you. It isn’t fun.

Under sexual limits I can only talk about my girlfriends and how they were treated. One friend was sexually used as a young girl. She didn’t know that her father’s advances were wrong. Usually, this is because no one has paid attention to the child and the child seeks affection and compliments. These false words are often easy for the perpetrator to speak. His actions, however, are wrong. The boundary to expect a safe parent is broken.

There is also disability boundary and bad behavior. When you see a person in a wheel chair, especially as a young child, you think they have something wrong with them. You don’t know if it may be something temporary or permanent. The kids tease or avoid the child in a wheel chair. They talk loud to adults because they think they are old and stupid. No one has trained them to be polite, helpful, and tolerate the extra time it may take for the wheeled vehicle to move. Employers may also hold a bad boundary against disabled persons and refuse to hire them. I know many people with different kinds of disabilities and none of them are stupid. They have never asked to have the disability; however, they are coping quite well. We should applaud them. Ask yourself, what you’d do if tomorrow you woke up and couldn’t walk, move your arms, hands or legs, or speak.

Spiritual boundaries are most often provided by parents or spouses against the other person leaving the usual beliefs or actions set. Every parent thinks that they have all the answers for the family. It may be that they were taught a certain way and they feel the children should follow without question. The spouse may have had similar experiences; this adds another stone to the weighty matter. They may feel their parents will object to the new ideas or behaviors. I’m not talking about bad behavior here; I am speaking about religious preferences. There are parents that will disown their children who attend another church. They won’t talk about it or listen to any reason why the choice was made. Some parents cut a child “out of their will” if they change the status-quo. This is a break in spiritual boundaries.

Another boundary area is the believing that every child should be perfect, obedient, never ask questions, or act out. Sometimes unsightly or unlikely behavior is the only way a child can get the parents attention. I knew a mother who would have to clean up the wall behind the crib of smelly, unsightly messes until she started spending more time with the child. All the child wanted was mommy to hold him or her and to feel loved.

Communication does not mean control. Many divorces are sought due to the lack of communication or the loss of trust. Control does not belong in a marriage. Each person has a hobby, talent, ability, profession, or gift that is theirs alone. Sometimes it is an individual resource. It cannot be shared. The spouse must be willing to give space to that gift. It is part of the inner personality locked inside and part of them. Any condemning, threats, punishments, withdrawal, or separation because of it is an abusive boundary.
Another area of problem may come with the married partner depending on their parents or over-coddling their children, or putting them first. This flies in the face of “the two are now one” concept of marriage.

As adults we should be able to function as individuals and not have to hold onto another to keep them from success or harbor bad feelings because they soar free of you in some areas. Get your own life, as my mother would say. Clean up your own space. Keep your nose clean. Empty out your own garbage. Get your hands out of the other person’s way of life. Make your own way in this world.

Be careful not to violate the boundaries of others. Also keep your boundaries secure and be on guard for violations by others. It is OK to speak out and protect yourself. The other person may be unaware that they are encroaching on or into your space.

When visiting Asia there are lots of people. You will notice that people stand closer to you than those in the United States. You are experiencing your requirements for personal space. An American boundary is thought to be about three to four feet away from the next person. If you have grown up with lots of siblings or close neighbors your boundary may be closer or even further away. Each person is different. Take time to be aware of other people’s boundaries. Excuse your self if and when you see a person back-up from you in conversation. Turning away or walking away is another way an individual expresses a broken boundary.

Invite others to share your success or boundary problems. We love comments. A good book to read: Boundaries – Where You End and I Begin, by Anne Katherine, MA Published by: Hazelton

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Published 2005
by Dr. Louis J. Ignarro A Nobel Laureate in Medicine
He wrote this book to help you prevent cardiovascular disease.

CVD = Cardio Vascular disease
CHD = Coronary Heart disease
HBP = High Blood Pressure
NO = Nitric Oxide
Atherosclerosis = Plaque accumulated on the arterial walls, which causes hardening of the arteries. This reduces the diameter of the artery and slows or prevents normal blood flow.

Americas four killers are Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, and Cancer. Since 1900 'CVD' has been the #1 killer in the U.S. every year, except 1918 (the year of the great influenza epidemic).

62 Million Americans have at least one type of Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD), including High Blood Pressure (HBP) often called Hypertension, Coronary Heart disease (CHD), Stroke, Angina Pectoris-chest pain due to low blood flow, heart attack, arythmia or irregular heart beat, pain down arms or shoulders, calcium and fibrin clotting materials in the vessels (blocking oxygen and nutrients to the cells), light-headiness, dizzyness, nausea, depression, fatigue, depression, kidney disease, diabetes, weight gain, unable to exercise, breathing problems, urinary incontenence, artery vaso-spasms, poor circulation (causing many other problems), Arthritis, Cancer, and death.

Every 3 minutes someone dies from a stroke. 53% of Cardio Vascular Disease occur in women.
Half of men and women under 65 years old, die within 5-8 years after having a heart attack. 90% of impotence is directly related to Cardio Vascular Disease (due to vascular insufficiency).
Cardiologists performed 900,000 angio-plasties in 2005. Today stints are placed inside the smashed plaque to keep the vessel open longer. Before stints, the vessel closed in a short period of time, producing another heart attack. Only 2/3 of heart victums live. The first attack can be the last, followed by death.

The Cardio Vascular system is composed of the heart and blood vessels, with the heart (a chambered muscular pump) at the center of the action. The heart is about the size of your fist. The network of blood vessels includes the veins and capillaries. The heart pumps about 100,000 times a day, pumping 2000 gallons through-out approximately 100,000 miles of vessels.

Premature aging, memory problems - senile dementia, disabilities, leg clots or veins and capillaries closing due to disease or efficiency of the heart, can be sign of heart problems. Hypertension is a silent disease without warning signals. It is not a safe disease.

A resting pulse is between 65 and 75 beats per minute. A Blood Pressure of 140/90 is high. Normal blood pressure is 120/80 or 115/75 (even this excellent pressure can be the start of artery damage).

Nitric Oxide (NO) lowers blood pressure, lowers or reverses cholesterol, improves circulation, prevents the formation of blood clots, and keeps vessels free of plaque.
It prevents the carotid arteries in either side of the neck from forming blockages.
It protects against heart atack. Nitric Oxide is available: www.argi9health.com/allchristie

If heart health is your goal, Nitric Oxide (NO) needs to be out in front - within your health program or diet regime. Nitric Oxide is manufactured in your body (in the endothelium) through protein, however as we age its production naturally decreases. Nitric oxide is a powerful antioxidant. It deactivates "free radicals" and toxins in the body. With too little Nitric Oxide, your body becomes vulnerable to virtually every major disease. Nitric oxide is a miracle molecule! One of the simplest in biology, but absolutely crucial to your well-being. It influences the functioning of virtually every human organ. It relaxes the blood vessels, reduces the pressure, lowers risks of heart attack or stroke, and prevents or reverses diabetes and its complications.

The endothelium is a one-cell layer lining inside the interior surface of your vessels, it is thin and fragile. A healthy endothelium is like a plastic PVC pipe where nothing sticks, a damaged endothelium is like velcro and everything sticks and becomes even more sticky.

Dr Ignarro spends quite a lot of time giving you healthy ways to eat and live. He states: Change your eating habits before you do any more harm to your body. It you have been subsisting on junk food, stop gambling with your health and life.

You won't lift your spirts or obtain energy with coffee, booze, caffeine, soda pop, or drugs. What you get instead is stress, anxiety, poor sleep, depression, sadness, lonliness, solitude, and suicide.

Lets start with the Ideal Body Weights
Men small large boned Women
5'5" 136-142 146-164 120-133 140-159
5'8" 142-151 155-176 129-142 149-170
5'10" 146-157 161-184 135-148 155-176
6'0" 152-164 168-192 add 3lbs each way
6'2" 158-172 176-202

Exercise: Walk, jog, gardening, dancing, bike or cycling, swim, jump rope, yoga, pilates, tennis, basketball, squash, skating, skiing, rowing, playing your favorite sport, and weight lifting.
Minimum of 20 minutes per day and 3 times per week. Train don't strain!

Your body has four (4) essential bodily preocess: Vascular tone, coagulation, inflamation, and oxidation. No not - burping, farting, spitting, sneezing, coughing, and sh--t.
Coagulation stops bleeding; inflamation fights infection, vessel sludge, and is the by-product of free radicals; oxidation burns glucose for energy; vascular tone prevents disease.
Nitric Oxide enhances the positive and eradicates the negative of each bodily process.

Suggested Daily Intake:
L-Arginine 4-6 g (if ill increase dosage)
L-Citrilline 200-1000mg
Vit C 500 mg
Vit E 200 iu
Folic Acid 400-800 mcg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 10 mg

These may be added:
Selenium, L-Taurine, CoQ10, B-12, B-6, B-9, Krill oil
Nuts: Almonds, soybeans, hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, and pine nuts.
Shellfish: Salmon, tuna, mackerel, herring, halibut, sardines, red snapper, sword fish, lobster, shrimp, cod, and Omega-3's.
Oil: Olive Oil and Canola oil
Anti-oxydants: Garlic, pomegranate juice, grape juice, blueberries, dark chocolate, green tea, Chinese wolf-berry.
Flaxseed, nuts, and egg.
Note: By reducing your intake of saturated fat, you will protect your endothelium and its ability to manufacture Nitric Oxide.

If you eat excessive amounts of any food, you are going to gain weight, moderation and portion control are the guide words. All advertisers will tell you that food is for comfort, flavor, and enjoyment. The more people around the pizza table the better and oh, pass the booze. If you consume food to satisfy you in the moment, totally disregarding the true needs of the body, you will not obtain the essential fuel that healthy food will provide your body.

CHAPTER 7 gives nutritional guidelines and information on each amino acid and food selection.

Making Nitric Oxide a boosting lifestyle adjustment and sticking with it is not so hard to do, because you start to feel better almost immediately.

We live in a time of astounding medical advances that provide today's cardiologists with more tool, techniques, and treatments than doctors a generation ago could even have imagined.

Today we know that Nitric Oxide is one of the most powerful allies in maintaining your heart health. If you have heart disease or high blood pressure, the information in this book may change your life. If your goal is optimal health, make a commitment to spend a few minutes exercising each day, preparing and eating foods rich in antioxidants, and taking L-arginine with any other supplements that may give you optimum health. START caring for YOURSELF!

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I love life on this earth. I am so glad I choose to come here with the opportunity to gain a body [even though I've had trouble with mine], to know I have been in the presence of God, and that through my choices here on this earth, I will have the opportunity to return to my Heavenly Father, who loves me and cares for me through all my trails and experiences.

When I wake up in the morning, I can see the sun rise over the mountains and casts a shadow on the west side of the house. The sky may be full of blue or have billowing clouds floating across the sky in puffs. I am excited to see the wind blow through the trees, birds flying in the air or tweeting to secure their territory in my yard. I can sit for hours along a babbling brook. Flowers come in all sizes colors and have their own seasons. Trees may be small, large, or very tall. Of course, some stay green all year and others give us the falling leaves and then the lack of living look in the winter with dreary sunlight and perhaps snow on the ground.

The garden is an amazement to me. Each tiny seed bursts into green and become a different plant. Each plant provides healthy foods for our bodies consumption. If a garden is properly grown, the family can have vitamin rich foods for their table. Although the market has foods too, I know that the garden at my home has better soil to produce better healthy foods for my family. Of course, I want to keep them healthy and well.

Herb gardens are another fascinating growth. With the proper study of herbs, one can become a healer of the body. My 3-great grandfather was an herbologist. He was a research doctor. He even delivered babies. He was probably also used as a veterinarian, in those early 1800's. Levi Williamson was his name. He taught my grandfather about herbs. Arlie Conlisk was a Medic in the Army during World War II. There was a flue epidemic and Arlie used the knowledge he learned to cure many soldiers.

Energy medicine and healing is another area that I have studied. All of us are beings of vibrations. These vibrations are seen as energy. Certain note tones can speed up or slow down the energy in the body, also flickering lights effect our feelings. I studied and am a Master of Reiki - which opens the blockages of energy found in the body, through Chakras.

Each Chakra has its grounding in an area of the body. There are seven main areas and each has a color assigned to it. The head, the third eye, the neck, the breast, the diaphram, the intestines and the reproductive organs. There are people who can see the colors called Aura's. These colors are seen in picture as round-surrounding colors that circle the body. Each area also has a sound that vibrates in the same frequency as the area. Healing and area that is congested or blocked is what a Reiki Master does. I can feel the energy of the patient and the patient can feel me moving within their energy fields. It is a calming and peaceful experience.

I love education and the beauty of the earth. I love all that we can learn about our gifts and how to heal our bodies. I pray that all my children, grandchildren and descendants learn all that they can about life, love, family, scriptures, God, and their own bodies. Let us return to our Heavenly Father with learning from great books and Universities. May we be kind, pleasant, forgiving, good communicators, research our ancestors and record our findings - this will bring blessings to our family and the earth will not be cursed at His coming because we didn't do our part.
I love you! Every last one of you!
g-ma Christie


The Cardiovascular Cure by John P. Cooke, M.D., Ph.D.,
and Judith Zimmer Published in 2002
How to Strengthen Your Self-Defense Against Heart Attack and Stroke.

In 1982, after 50 years of research, Dr. Cooke received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of a prostaglandin that is called prostacyclin. In his study of how the cells work he discovered it relaxes blood vessels. The definition of atherosclerosis = athero (paste) and scleroses (hardness). Nitric Oxide slows plaque growth and suppresses artherosclerosis.

Dr. Cooke goes deeply into the cardiovascular system explaining to us how everything works. Offering a Nutritional Program, he continues with The Lion Heart Study and DASH Study for healthy eating and weight loss -- if you are overweight. He offers a two-week regime with recipes to assist in following a healthy eating program. Many recipes are compiled for 4 to 8 persons. He recommends a 1800 calorie diet per day: 50% calories from carbohydrates, 20% calories from protein, and 30% calories from mono and poly unsaturated fats. He then gives the properties including breakdown of foods, that when eaten with his recipes [with further advice on exercise and aerobics] will bring excellent health. He recommends a two year plan minimum; continuing there after is best for your health. Menu pgs 84-95; Recipes pgs 96-161; Exercises pgs 162-176; Frequently Asked Questions pgs 266-269; and Information For Your Doctor pgs 270-292.

Seven million red blood cells can fit into a thimble! The endothelium is significant to blood vessel health. It is the proverbial "silver lining". Endothelium can be repaired and healthy endothelium prevents or reverses atherosclerosis. Nitric Oxide is needed to repair endothelium.

Research teams at Mayo Clinic found a 60% reduction in angina symptoms using L-Arginine. This improved the symptoms within one week. L-Arginine enhances Nitric Oxide production.
Nitric Oxide is 100% natural. It is a very potent mediator of blood vessel relaxation and inhibition of platelet clumping. It is the simplest messenger, as a gas, and will diffuse freely through cell membranes.

He opens his book with the statement, nature takes much better care of blood vessels than do drugs. He then speaks about many doctors that have led in developing and studying the cardiovascular system. Although the news cautions about too much cholesterol, Dr. Cooke states, Cholesterol is essential for life, a building block for cell membranes and sex hormones.

Dr. Cooke has designed a program for endothelial health with advancements in information learned over the past 20 years. This program is a 'natural way' to restore vessel health in people, young or old, healthy or ill. Healthy persons will maintain and enhance their health and protect themselves from vascular disease. If you are at risk, it will restore the health of your vessels. If perhaps, you have already had vascular disease, even already had a heart attack, this program will help repair your blood vessels, prevent another heart attack or stroke, and enhance the heart medicines that your doctor recommends, if any are needed.

In the 1970's scientists began to uncover the mystery of how nitroglycerine works.
Nitroglycerin [which has been used for years for angina pain and other heart conditions] has a caution. Dr. Cooke tells us that using prolonged nitroglycerin can damage the ability of your vessels to produce their own supply of Nitric Oxide.

It was found that nitroglycerine released Nitric Oxide that caused a chain reaction, resulting in relaxed muscle tissue or EDRF. Dr. Ferid Murad, University of Virginia and Stanford University studied Dr. Alfred Nobel theories. Then, Dr. Robert Furchgatt -a pharmacologist, State University of New York Brooklyn, gave the defination of EDRF as - endothelium derived relaxing factor. Later Dr. Furchgatt and Dr. Louis Ignarro - University of California-LA, provided evidence that EDRF and Nitric Oxide were the same molecule!

In Dr. Cooke's ride on a red blood cell , see pgs 14-16, he describes why plaque is formed inside the vessels. I will give it an undoctor try...
L-arginine supplementation reduces the stickiness of platelets and white blood cell in people with high cholesterol. Plaque formation is caused by white blood cells battle with cholesterol.
Health risk factors impair the ability of the endothelium to make Nitric Oxide, which would reverse the sticky platelets. The circullating cholesterol in the blood gets trapped beneath the endothelium lining of the vessel and becomes oxidized. Oxidized cholesterol is a foreign material to the body; it is perceived to be an invader, something that must be removed. In their effort to fight the oxidized enemy, white blood cells adhere to the now sticky endothelium and penetrate into the vessel wall - to remove the enemy by gobbling it up. When you continue to eat fatty foods, the white blood cells in the vessel walls become swollen with fat and look like foam or pus. Inflamation is a factor. Then, the white blood cells send out a signal of distress for more white blood cells, which will make free radicals to destroy the enemy invader. It gets worse as the body sends platelets to stick and seal off tears that occur when the foam/pus ruptures...these cells then make scar tissue around the fatty accumulation inside the vessel. This debris obstructs the flow of blood. If this blockage continues, the individual suffers a heart attack. If the clot breaks off, it may clog elsewhere. These foam-pussy cells can litter the smooth surface of the endothelium. Nitric Oxide heals these cells. With Nitric Oxide there is no development of plaque and Nitric Oxide melts [gets rid of] plaque already there.

Therefore, eat right - using Dr. Cooke's 2 year food plan, walk at least 30 minutes a day, do some aerobics according to your age limits, gardening and house cleaning count as exercise [but not all that is needed], get the addition of Nitric Oxide, vitamins, amino acids, fiber, Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids, and minerals the body requires and have a better life with optimum health.

Don't forget to add Nitric Oxide to your diet to reverse any plaque that you may have in your vessels. Nitric Oxide is found in the product by Synergy entitled ProArgi9 Plus. You can obtain it by going to this web site and ordering. www.argi9health.com/allchristie

Finally, A healthy endothelium is, in essence, the Cardiovascular Cure!

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Book: Let's Stop The #1 Killer of Americans Today by Harry A. Elwardt, N.D., Ph.D.
Published in 2006 [Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease] www.argi9health.com/allchristie

Heart disease or cardiovascular disease has been the #1 killer for the past 80 years. 1,100,000 new Heart attacks occur each year in America.

This causes a financial burden of two billion dollars a day for surgery and repair.
50% of Americans die from a heart attacks or cardiovascular problems -- often called 'natural deaths'. 2600 persons per day or every 60 seconds a person dies. The first attack or symptom one can be their last one...causing a fatal heart attack. Heart disease is the primary or major contributing factor in 70% of all health related deaths.

What does the heart do? The heart beats during the average life span 2 1/2 billion times or more. Each beat while pumping expands or contracts 100,000 times per day. Each minute 4 to 6 quarts of blood travels through your body averaging 2000 gallons every 24 hours. The heart system is over 1000,000 miles long. It moves blood, fresh oxygen and nutrients from the lungs and into your body's tissues, then it takes the toxins or body waste products away from your body's tissues and into your elimination canals.

New research indicates 60% of grade school age children have at least one of the risk factors for cardio disease. During the Vietnam War, autopsies performed on 18-19 year old soldiers showed arteries equivalent to a 70 year old man in the late stages of cardiovascular disease. The doctors were shocked.

One-third of ALL adults have at least one type of cardiovascular disease. 52 million have high blood pressure; 12.5 million have heart disease; 4.5 million have experienced a stroke; 1 million have congenital cardiovascular defects, 500,000 suffer from congestive heart failure, then there are the other complications; i.e., high cholesterol, diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, MS, alzheimer's, improves memory, improves wound healing, reduces ulcers, improves irritable bowel syndrome, improves kidney functions, improves asthma, improves muscle performance, improves aging by stimulating the pituitary gland to release human growth hormone, etc.

There have been over 69,000 published clinical studies on L-arginine. ProArgi9 Plus is a formulated product for improving health. Amino acids are identified as a natural product that helps bring better health. L-arginine facilitates the production of Nitric Oxide (NO) in the body.

On Pages 132-135 the author states -- the following pages of information on arginine are the most important information in this entire book. I recommend that you read it over and over until you grasp, with full understanding, the importance of this life saving information, provided by over 69,000 medically published clinical studies on the use of arginine.

In another book entitled, "The Arginine Solution" Doctors Robert Fried, Ph.D. and Woodson Merrell, M.D. stated the following: "In the field of medicine and health it is one of the revolutions of our time: The discovery that the amino acid arginine may be a 'magic bullet' for the cardiovascular system. Now, as the evidence mounts, including research that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, more and more scientists and doctors see the extraordinary health benefits of increasing arginine intake. A virtual arterial cleanser, arginine helps eliminate blockage and maintains blood flow."

Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that has shown promise in the prevention of arteriosclerosis. Arginine is the precursor for endothelium derived Nitric Oxide (EDNO). Three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998 for discovering Nitric Oxide's role as a vasodilator (widens the blood vessels). ENDO is the most potent endogenous vasodilator known.

There is another book entitled, "The Cardiovascular Cure," by John Cooke, M.D., Ph.D. says This Molecule is Nitric Oxide, a substance so powerful that it can actually protect you from heart attach and stroke. Best of all, your body can make it on its own. [As you age the body's ability lessens] Nitric Oxide is your body's own built in, natural protection against heart disease. We now know that we have a choice regarding this disease. With a diet and lifestyle that channels the natural forces of the blood vessel, arteriosclerosis can be prevented, brought to a halt, and even reversed." He continues to say, when the inner lining of the blood vessels is healthy, cells don't stick, clots don't form, arteries don't harden, and you won't die from a heart attack or stroke. It is just that simple!

Of course, it is known that a low-fat diet is recommended for preventing heart disease. One may also be encouraged to eat a Mediterranean diet, with added fiber of 30 grams per day, plus plenty of fruits and vegetables. Walking and weight training 3 times per week is also good for your health.

The book continues to talk about the benefits of Nitric Oxide and Amino Acids to bring better health. The author talks about another book entitled "NO More Heart Disease or Stroke", by Dr. Louis Ignarro. Dr. Ignarro says this about arginine derived Nitric Oxide: "The power to lead an entirely new and healthier life is in your hands. Start boosting your Nitric Oxide production right away." "Even if you have high blood pressure, have suffered a heart attack, or are at high risk...You can beat the odds."

There are risk factors that cause arteriosclerosis, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high homo cysteine, alcohol, tobacco use, diabetes, aging, estrogen deficiency, fast foods high in trans fat, and even some prescription medication prescribed to treat many of these conditions - these lower the levels of Nitric Oxide in the blood. Harvard, Stanford and other Medical institution's have carefully documented how within days your endothelium can rapidly recover, simply by increasing the body's Nitric Oxide production. This is where ProArgi9 Plus supplement program aids your body.

Dr. Salvador Monacada of England announced that Nitric Oxide (an amino acid) during medical studies has proven it will relax, widen, and soften the blood vessels. reverse hardening of the arteries, increase blood flow throughout the body, overcome high blood pressure, and inhibit and melt away plaque -- preventing and reversing artherioslcerosis, coronary artery disease, heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease.

Dr. Johnathan S. Stamler, a professor of Medicine at Duke University Medical Center, said: "It does everything everywhere. You cannot name a major cellular response or physiological effect in which Nitric Oxide is not implicated today. It's involved in complex behavioral changes in the brain, airway relaxation, beating of the heart, dilation of blood vessels, regulation of intestinal movement, function of blood cells, the immune system, even how fingers and arms move.

Dr. Stamler states for those who cannot eat the foods high in arginine, get your arginine through oral supplementation. This will begin to impact your health positively in a few short weeks.

Each health benefit is backed up by scientific research performed by some of the top medical scientists, in the top medical centers around the United States, and published in Medical Journals. The book lists references in the back, documenting each of the many clinical studies of arginine. A complete list of arginine benefits are listed on pages 135 through 137.

Order yourself a supply today. Regular order is 3 cans for 156.51 plus $10.00 to ship.
Go To: www.argi9health.com/allchristie Finally--enjoy better health!

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Answers to Life's 11 Most Burning Questions

Answers to Life's 11 Most Burning Questions by James Arthur Ray

This is a short book, easy to read. With 11 chapters regarding the Eleven Questions. Each chapter is headed with a quote. For example: The only thing that can grow is the thing that you give energy to. Ralph Waldo Emerson

James has written this book as an answer to the many questions that he receives when he travels the world with his lecture series. He guarantees that his answers will help you on your life's path. He re-asks the common questions, then he gives his answer through his insights learned during his life.

It is put together with HOW TO and under 70 pages:
How to: Get out of debt, find my soul mate, lose weight, know what I truly want, know I'm on the right course, am I moving in the right direction, know I'm making the right decision, overcome procrastination, uncover the things that are holding me back, stay focused when "bad things" happen in my life, can I create anything I want, and finally How do I find my life purpose?

If any of these questions would assist you in your search for truth, by all means, read this book.