Thursday, July 9, 2009


I love life on this earth. I am so glad I choose to come here with the opportunity to gain a body [even though I've had trouble with mine], to know I have been in the presence of God, and that through my choices here on this earth, I will have the opportunity to return to my Heavenly Father, who loves me and cares for me through all my trails and experiences.

When I wake up in the morning, I can see the sun rise over the mountains and casts a shadow on the west side of the house. The sky may be full of blue or have billowing clouds floating across the sky in puffs. I am excited to see the wind blow through the trees, birds flying in the air or tweeting to secure their territory in my yard. I can sit for hours along a babbling brook. Flowers come in all sizes colors and have their own seasons. Trees may be small, large, or very tall. Of course, some stay green all year and others give us the falling leaves and then the lack of living look in the winter with dreary sunlight and perhaps snow on the ground.

The garden is an amazement to me. Each tiny seed bursts into green and become a different plant. Each plant provides healthy foods for our bodies consumption. If a garden is properly grown, the family can have vitamin rich foods for their table. Although the market has foods too, I know that the garden at my home has better soil to produce better healthy foods for my family. Of course, I want to keep them healthy and well.

Herb gardens are another fascinating growth. With the proper study of herbs, one can become a healer of the body. My 3-great grandfather was an herbologist. He was a research doctor. He even delivered babies. He was probably also used as a veterinarian, in those early 1800's. Levi Williamson was his name. He taught my grandfather about herbs. Arlie Conlisk was a Medic in the Army during World War II. There was a flue epidemic and Arlie used the knowledge he learned to cure many soldiers.

Energy medicine and healing is another area that I have studied. All of us are beings of vibrations. These vibrations are seen as energy. Certain note tones can speed up or slow down the energy in the body, also flickering lights effect our feelings. I studied and am a Master of Reiki - which opens the blockages of energy found in the body, through Chakras.

Each Chakra has its grounding in an area of the body. There are seven main areas and each has a color assigned to it. The head, the third eye, the neck, the breast, the diaphram, the intestines and the reproductive organs. There are people who can see the colors called Aura's. These colors are seen in picture as round-surrounding colors that circle the body. Each area also has a sound that vibrates in the same frequency as the area. Healing and area that is congested or blocked is what a Reiki Master does. I can feel the energy of the patient and the patient can feel me moving within their energy fields. It is a calming and peaceful experience.

I love education and the beauty of the earth. I love all that we can learn about our gifts and how to heal our bodies. I pray that all my children, grandchildren and descendants learn all that they can about life, love, family, scriptures, God, and their own bodies. Let us return to our Heavenly Father with learning from great books and Universities. May we be kind, pleasant, forgiving, good communicators, research our ancestors and record our findings - this will bring blessings to our family and the earth will not be cursed at His coming because we didn't do our part.
I love you! Every last one of you!
g-ma Christie

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