Monday, July 6, 2009

Answers to Life's 11 Most Burning Questions

Answers to Life's 11 Most Burning Questions by James Arthur Ray

This is a short book, easy to read. With 11 chapters regarding the Eleven Questions. Each chapter is headed with a quote. For example: The only thing that can grow is the thing that you give energy to. Ralph Waldo Emerson

James has written this book as an answer to the many questions that he receives when he travels the world with his lecture series. He guarantees that his answers will help you on your life's path. He re-asks the common questions, then he gives his answer through his insights learned during his life.

It is put together with HOW TO and under 70 pages:
How to: Get out of debt, find my soul mate, lose weight, know what I truly want, know I'm on the right course, am I moving in the right direction, know I'm making the right decision, overcome procrastination, uncover the things that are holding me back, stay focused when "bad things" happen in my life, can I create anything I want, and finally How do I find my life purpose?

If any of these questions would assist you in your search for truth, by all means, read this book.

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