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The Cardiovascular Cure by John P. Cooke, M.D., Ph.D.,
and Judith Zimmer Published in 2002
How to Strengthen Your Self-Defense Against Heart Attack and Stroke.

In 1982, after 50 years of research, Dr. Cooke received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of a prostaglandin that is called prostacyclin. In his study of how the cells work he discovered it relaxes blood vessels. The definition of atherosclerosis = athero (paste) and scleroses (hardness). Nitric Oxide slows plaque growth and suppresses artherosclerosis.

Dr. Cooke goes deeply into the cardiovascular system explaining to us how everything works. Offering a Nutritional Program, he continues with The Lion Heart Study and DASH Study for healthy eating and weight loss -- if you are overweight. He offers a two-week regime with recipes to assist in following a healthy eating program. Many recipes are compiled for 4 to 8 persons. He recommends a 1800 calorie diet per day: 50% calories from carbohydrates, 20% calories from protein, and 30% calories from mono and poly unsaturated fats. He then gives the properties including breakdown of foods, that when eaten with his recipes [with further advice on exercise and aerobics] will bring excellent health. He recommends a two year plan minimum; continuing there after is best for your health. Menu pgs 84-95; Recipes pgs 96-161; Exercises pgs 162-176; Frequently Asked Questions pgs 266-269; and Information For Your Doctor pgs 270-292.

Seven million red blood cells can fit into a thimble! The endothelium is significant to blood vessel health. It is the proverbial "silver lining". Endothelium can be repaired and healthy endothelium prevents or reverses atherosclerosis. Nitric Oxide is needed to repair endothelium.

Research teams at Mayo Clinic found a 60% reduction in angina symptoms using L-Arginine. This improved the symptoms within one week. L-Arginine enhances Nitric Oxide production.
Nitric Oxide is 100% natural. It is a very potent mediator of blood vessel relaxation and inhibition of platelet clumping. It is the simplest messenger, as a gas, and will diffuse freely through cell membranes.

He opens his book with the statement, nature takes much better care of blood vessels than do drugs. He then speaks about many doctors that have led in developing and studying the cardiovascular system. Although the news cautions about too much cholesterol, Dr. Cooke states, Cholesterol is essential for life, a building block for cell membranes and sex hormones.

Dr. Cooke has designed a program for endothelial health with advancements in information learned over the past 20 years. This program is a 'natural way' to restore vessel health in people, young or old, healthy or ill. Healthy persons will maintain and enhance their health and protect themselves from vascular disease. If you are at risk, it will restore the health of your vessels. If perhaps, you have already had vascular disease, even already had a heart attack, this program will help repair your blood vessels, prevent another heart attack or stroke, and enhance the heart medicines that your doctor recommends, if any are needed.

In the 1970's scientists began to uncover the mystery of how nitroglycerine works.
Nitroglycerin [which has been used for years for angina pain and other heart conditions] has a caution. Dr. Cooke tells us that using prolonged nitroglycerin can damage the ability of your vessels to produce their own supply of Nitric Oxide.

It was found that nitroglycerine released Nitric Oxide that caused a chain reaction, resulting in relaxed muscle tissue or EDRF. Dr. Ferid Murad, University of Virginia and Stanford University studied Dr. Alfred Nobel theories. Then, Dr. Robert Furchgatt -a pharmacologist, State University of New York Brooklyn, gave the defination of EDRF as - endothelium derived relaxing factor. Later Dr. Furchgatt and Dr. Louis Ignarro - University of California-LA, provided evidence that EDRF and Nitric Oxide were the same molecule!

In Dr. Cooke's ride on a red blood cell , see pgs 14-16, he describes why plaque is formed inside the vessels. I will give it an undoctor try...
L-arginine supplementation reduces the stickiness of platelets and white blood cell in people with high cholesterol. Plaque formation is caused by white blood cells battle with cholesterol.
Health risk factors impair the ability of the endothelium to make Nitric Oxide, which would reverse the sticky platelets. The circullating cholesterol in the blood gets trapped beneath the endothelium lining of the vessel and becomes oxidized. Oxidized cholesterol is a foreign material to the body; it is perceived to be an invader, something that must be removed. In their effort to fight the oxidized enemy, white blood cells adhere to the now sticky endothelium and penetrate into the vessel wall - to remove the enemy by gobbling it up. When you continue to eat fatty foods, the white blood cells in the vessel walls become swollen with fat and look like foam or pus. Inflamation is a factor. Then, the white blood cells send out a signal of distress for more white blood cells, which will make free radicals to destroy the enemy invader. It gets worse as the body sends platelets to stick and seal off tears that occur when the foam/pus ruptures...these cells then make scar tissue around the fatty accumulation inside the vessel. This debris obstructs the flow of blood. If this blockage continues, the individual suffers a heart attack. If the clot breaks off, it may clog elsewhere. These foam-pussy cells can litter the smooth surface of the endothelium. Nitric Oxide heals these cells. With Nitric Oxide there is no development of plaque and Nitric Oxide melts [gets rid of] plaque already there.

Therefore, eat right - using Dr. Cooke's 2 year food plan, walk at least 30 minutes a day, do some aerobics according to your age limits, gardening and house cleaning count as exercise [but not all that is needed], get the addition of Nitric Oxide, vitamins, amino acids, fiber, Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids, and minerals the body requires and have a better life with optimum health.

Don't forget to add Nitric Oxide to your diet to reverse any plaque that you may have in your vessels. Nitric Oxide is found in the product by Synergy entitled ProArgi9 Plus. You can obtain it by going to this web site and ordering.

Finally, A healthy endothelium is, in essence, the Cardiovascular Cure!

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